Private Party Info

Private parties are held day or evening, as available. Time begins when you arrive for decorations, and ends after clean-up of decorations and removal of all gifts and guests from the tea room. Please reserve additional hours, if needed, for gift opening, chatting, etc. Time for tea service to begin must be designated ahead of time to ensure timeliness. The tea room will be completely closed to all other guests during your party hours, so we may devote all our attention to your party!

  • Full-service Tea Party — A full-service party means just that: when you arrive, the tables are set, you & your guests will be seated & served for the remainder of the party! The ultimate pampering experience! For this party, you pay by the guest, so final head count is extremely important! We offer a discounted price for the tea service during private parties, as noted in the menu section below. The total cost is hourly rental fee (as non-refundable deposit) + menu cost per person + tax & 20% gratuity (tax & gratuity are only applied to food service cost, not the rental fee). No sharing of food is allowed, all guests must be paid guests. Private rental allows you use of the tea room for up to 3 hours. Includes decorating time, tea service, opening of gifts, games, chatting, etc. & removal of decorations by party host. Basically, from the time you arrive to the time you & your guests leave.
  • Example: Arrival/decorating time 11am-11:30am; tea is served 11:30am-1pm; party must be cleared out by 2pm if 3 hours are booked.
  • If time runs over, there will be an additional charge of $50 per hour (charged by the hour) IF extra time is available. Keep in mind, if another party is booked after yours, you will not be able to extend your time so please book as many hours as you will need, in advance! Tea service is approximately 1-2 hours, & must begin on time regardless of late guest arrivals. If all guests are not present at time tea service begins, extra food may be placed on trays to be served or boxed up to take with you. We will not be able to separately serve guests who arrive late. Light decorations are fine, as approved by tea room owner. All decorations must be taken with you when you leave. There will be a charge for any damage done to the tea room by customer decorations. No outside food or beverages are allowed.
  • To reserve your private party (full service): Up to 10 guests — Rental fee of $75 for 3 hours. From 11-20 guests — Rental fee of $50 for 3 hours. Rental fee is a non-refundable deposit required to reserve your date. Final cost is tea service per person + tax + gratuity. Guest count may adjusted up to 72-hours prior to the party. The guest count we have at that time is how many we will prepare for, & you will therefore be charged for. There will not be a refund for no-shows or last-minute changes.
  • Self-service PartyFor this simple & casual party setting, you simply order your foods by the dozen from our catering menu. When you arrive, food items will be set up on tables or in the front room (your choice) for guests to serve themselves. Tables will not be set prior, so guests may mingle & move around. Disposable plates & utensils will be set out with foods, & beverage service will be in the front room. Staff service will not be provided in the rooms, so guests will come to the front as needed. Since you order your food in advance, & are paying by the hour, guest count is not as important as long as the maximum at any time is 24. People may, of course, drop-in & leave. Cost is rental fee of $25 per hour + foods ordered + tax on foods (gratuity is optional). If party goes beyond reserved time, you will be charged $50 per hour, by the hour. Keep in mind, if another party is booked after yours, you will not be able to extend your time so please book as many hours as you will need, in advance! Up to 24 guests may attend (per fire marshal); no infants or toddlers please.
  • To reserve your private party (self-service): Hourly rental fee of $25 per hour. Rental fee is non-refundable deposit required to reserve your date. Final cost is food ordered + tax (gratuity is optional).

Full- service Menu options:   

  • Children’s Tea (Kid’s party only, ages 4-11) — $20 plus tax & gratuity per person
    • Mini scone with Devon cream2 tea sandwichesFruitCheese cubes2 sweets per person (or one full-size cupcake)Beverage
    • Sandwich & sweets options may be chosen by party organizer
  • Adult Tea (ages 12 & up) — $30 + tax & gratuity per person
    • Scone with Devon cream & jam3 tea sandwichesFruitCheese cubes3 assorted sweetsSandwich & sweets options may be chosen by party organizer.
    • Beverage
  • Children’s Tea Party Experience (4- to 9-years old) — $15 plus tax & gratuity per person
    • Tea sandwich
    • Fruit
    • Mini Dessert (scone, cupcake, cookie, etc)
    • Cold Beverage (lemonade, punch, juice, etc.)


  • At this time, we cannot accommodate infants or toddlers. Children must remain with an adult & supervised in the party room AT ALL TIMES. Tea room staff will not be responsible for babysitting unsupervised children.
  • 20% gratuity will automatically be added to tea service portion of full-service parties. Gratuity for self-service parties is optional but always appreciated! (rental fee and tax will not be included in determining gratuity)
  • We will not be able to divide final balance among guests. Whoever pays the deposit will be responsible for final balance due the day of party.